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I got to grow up meeting word changers first hand.  I met these people who God was using to change eternity and it fascinated me.  They inspired me to allow God to use me, an ordinary kid growing up in Iowa.  While in college I heard a church planter headed to the city of Amsterdam share about Christianity in Europe.  I couldn’t believe what I heard.  I had no understanding that the light of the Gospel has practically dimmed to the point of non existence.

Brennan's Call

Until I went to Bible College I had no idea that missionaries existed. Even then, when I learned about worldwide missions, it was mostly about developing countries - humanitarian efforts combined with evangelism. When I heard the same church planter from the Netherlands share his story, I was floored! Hearing about these people that didn't care about God made me realize exactly where I needed to be.

Libby's Call

In 2013, we wanted to see this for ourselves first hand.  What we saw was surprising.  The stories were true.  We walked these cities and came across multiple church buildings only to find them converted into cafes, rented venues, art galleries, and personal homes: not places of worship.  Europeans had decided generations ago that church didn’t matter and that subsequently God wasn’t an issue worthy of pondering.

2013 Survey Trip

Crosslink exists to bridge this gap.  We want to link Europeans to the personal Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting.  We want as many people to understand that what Christ accomplished on the cross wasn’t martyrdom, but was for them specifically.  We are burdened for the people who say God doesn’t matter, for those who don’t understand the importance of Calvary.